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Confine aperto

Confine aperto represents an open set of musical expressions that confront various practices through an improvisational and experimental character. The actuality and originality of handling music matter includes the research of understanding sounds, issues linked to music communication and opening technological potentials. Risky and often unverified combinations guarantee liveliness, coincidences, unpredictability and openness.

Open Call 2020 

After fifteen years, we are changing the concept of the cycle.

Confine aperto is reinventing itself.
Confine aperto is once again entering into the unknown.
Confine aperto is opening (itself).

It is opening a space for musicians who are ready to go into the unpredictable

- apply as an individual until the 15th of September by sending an email to zavodsploh(at)gmail(.)com
- trust the program curator, who puts together different musical combinations and casts, mixing foreign guests with local musicians; you only find out who will be your musical partner(s) on location
- choose the date which suits you best, as well as a reserve date
- send a short text explaining why you play music and what do you devote yourself to in music
- add a picture and links to your musical works
- basic technical equipment, meals and a place to sleep will be arranged
- you will be paid 200€ for your work

Confine aperto will not be just a concert, it will also be a conversation, round table, lecture, meeting, exchange and brainstorming of all involved.

The names of the performers will only be published after the event. Not only are the musicians meeting on a blind date, but the audience is on it as well.

Dates in 2020: day in a week between 27.1. - 2.2., 10.2. - 16.2., 30.3. - 5.4., 20.4. - 26.4., 11.5. - 17.5., 21.9. - 27.9., 12.10 - 18.10., 16.11. - 22.11., 7.12. - 13.12.

Between 2005 and 2018 Confine aperto was curated by Tomaž Grom.
Between 2018 and 2021 Confine aperto will be curated by László Juhász.

List of all past Confine aperto concerts


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